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Services Provided

Individuals come to us with a variety of needs and goals. Through open communication between our staff of professionals and our clients we are able to craft creative, personalized investment management and sophisticated financial planning solutions. Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management specializes in finding solutions that are as distinct as you. The following is a partial list of services offered:

Investment Planning and Evaluation

  • Development of an Asset Allocation Strategy
  • Preparation of Personalized Investment Policy
  • Selection of Investment Vehicles
  • Performance Monitoring of Investment Results
  • Education of the Client Investment Committee on the Fundamentals of Investment Management

Personal Financial Planning

  • Investment Planning
  • IRA Rollover Options
  • Risk Management Review (Life, Disability, Property, Liability)
  • Coordination of Financial Indebtedness
  • Formulation of Education Strategies for Family Members
  • Recommendations for Estate Planning
  • Discussion of Charitable Planning Tools
  • Projections for Retirement Planning and Wealth Management
  • Efficient Coordination with Other Professional Advisors
  • Cash Management
  • Development of Family Gifting Strategies

Business Financial Planning

  • Cash Management
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Non-Qualified Executive Benefits

Family Strategic Planning

  • Manage Wealth Transfer to Future Generations
  • Investment Continuity
  • Advisor Continuity
  • Charitable Gifting Fulfillment
  • Family Meetings
  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Proactive Planning and Monitoring