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Consultative Approach

Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management Provides:

How Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management Works with you:

A Program That's Appropriate for You

Starts with a review of your current asset structure

Our consultative approach begins with a review of your objectives and compares them to the organization of your assets. We help you identify the asset classes that will work appropriately for your unique situation.

A Formal Investment Policy Statement


A formal Investment Policy Statement is important to help ensure that, over time, your portfolio's progress is monitored with an objective frame of reference. By clearly defining investment objectives, time horizons, expected volatility, cash flow needs, fixed-income quality requirements and expected growth in assets, an Investment Policy Statement serves as a guideline for assessing future investment results.

Rigorous Selection of Investment Choices

Seek the better suited among available investment choices

We look for the most appropriate investment choices across a broad spectrum of asset classes, to find the most suitable fit for your stated goals.

Disciplined Monitoring of Investment Choices

To ensure that the investment choices in your portfolio stay on target with your Investment Policy Statement

Continuous monitoring and systematic reporting of our investment recommendations is essential to the success of your portfolio. Our asset allocation process is dynamic versus permanent in nature. This means we can react quickly to changes in the economic, interest rate, or market environment. This ensures a very proactive investment management process.

Communication to Keep Your Portfolio on Track

With Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management you gain a trusted advisor

You will receive a monthly statement that details your current investment position and all investment activity. Four times per year you will receive a detailed asset allocation report indicating the coordination between your portfolio(s), your investment policy and our current investment recommendations. We will meet with you as necessary.

Risk Management of Your Portfolio

Consistent, disciplined monitoring will prevent fiduciary problems

We understand the consulting process and we recognize the importance of being a fiduciary. We take this responsibility very seriously. We partner with you to establish an investment strategy that is intended to enable you to easily provide excellent stewardship. Having three Certified Financial Planners™ on staff ensures coordination with your financial plan.


Jehl & Kreilach Financial Management • The right advisors for your personal financial needs.

Choosing a partner for your investment portfolio is a time-consuming and difficult decision, one even more important in today's environment of holding fiduciaries liable. Now you have a better solution, from a firm with experience, integrity, financial strength and quality service.